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Bring your key people together with MEDPresent, a comprehensive live Internet meeting/seminar solution for up to 1000 participants.

MEDPresent allows you to reach your target audience of medical professionals through a live interactive forum on the Internet. You offer attendees unmatched convenience in accessing your people and programs… events they would otherwise miss due to busy schedules.

Participants join in from their desktop to attend a meeting from anywhere in the world. They hear your message in a live meeting environment and have the opportunity to ask their own personal questions.

Virtually any type of meeting ordinarily held in person can be conducted on the web. Prime examples include:

  • Medical educational seminars
  • Opinion leader discussions
  • Advisory board meetings
  • Training sessions
  • Product seminars
  • Marketing events
  • Dinner meetings

The Basics

At the appointed time, participants dial up a conventional telephone teleconference line for audio and make a separate internet connection to join the meeting room environment.*

Within this forum, participants can experience animated PowerPoint  presentations, view Flash animations, participate in a live web tour and share desktop applications. Live audience participation is facilitated through such features as:

  • Q&A via chat
  • Instant polling
  • Real time screen annotations
  • Live video
  • Public or private chat



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The Birchwood Group
Birchwwod Group's MEDPresent service will upgrade all of it's web interfaces to include complete web content functionality.  

This means a much richer experience for participants attending e-Conference programs through the use of various web elements. 

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